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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! This year at Reid we have many changes in place due to the opening of Shawnee Middle School. We have over 450 students in grades kindergarten through six, with an amazing staff who have established a supportive l...
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Treats from Japan Treats from Japan

Today in Mrs. Binkley's class Aaren (AJ) Beedy brought in a very special treat for his class. AJ's father, Allen, had recently returned from a trip to Japan. He went on a special trip with the US NAVY. He returned September 2nd and brought back lots of goodies that can only be purchased in Japan. The class enjoyed giant cheese puffs and fruit flavored candies. Everyone truly enjoyed the story behind the treats as well as the treats themselves! He even sent in a translation sheet so that we would know what each of the wrappers was describing. Thank you to the Beedy family for sharing these small treasures with our class!

Open Enrollment Transportation Update

The restructuring of the district resulted in two bus routes this year and we were initially unable to accommodate open enrollment students on our school buses. The transportation has been reviewing rider counts since the start of school to determine if space for open enrollment students exists on our routes. If you are interested in determining if your open-enrollment student could ride a bus if space allows, please complete the form found by clicking here and return it to the Clark-Shawnee Transportation Department. As a reminder, open enrollment students are only permitted to ride if sufficient space exists and must load/unload at an already existing stop.



Reid School Traffic Flow Pattern 2017-2018
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