May 2, 2017 Bond Issue

Frequently Asked Questions

What would the May 2 bond issue build?

Our plan is to construct a new elementary school for grades PK-6 and renovate the current Shawnee High School to like-new condition to house both grades 7-8 and 9-12 in separate, but shared, learning spaces.

 The elementary school will be located on a parcel of school-owned property adjacent to Shawnee High School at the southeast corner of Possum Road and Selma Pike.

The Board of Education chose to pursue new construction after extensive community engagement efforts, including cost analysis of new construction vs. renovation of the existing buildings.

Regardless of the outcome of the bond issue, 7th and 8th grade will be moving to Shawnee High School at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. This is necessary to alleviate overcrowding issues and will provide greater staff collaboration and improve academic program offerings to students.

Why is the district asking voters to approve a bond issue?

New facilities will allow us to prepare students for the demands of the changing world. Providing modern learning environments, with technology at the core of everything we do, is challenging in the constraints of 90+ year old buildings.

Fully integrated safety and security technology, allowing school leaders improved ability to control access to visitors and lock down the school in times of emergency.

Even greater community property values as the excellence of our schools continues to attract great families and great residents.

Ability to attract and retain the area’s top teaching talent.

The cost to maintain our current buildings over the next 10 years is close to $20 million. We will be forced to make this investment in outdated buildings just to keep our students warm, safe and dry. This would be done without state assistance.

When is the vote and when would a new facility open?

The local bond issue will be voted on during the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

When the bond issue passes in May, the likeliest timeline for opening the building is the Fall of 2021.

How will the bond issue affect taxes?

The May 2nd bond issue is for 5.3 mills.

The added monthly cost for a $100,000 property will be $15.46. For seniors with a Homestead exemption the added cost is less than this total.

How much will the construction project cost?

The overall budget is $52.8 million.

The State of Ohio will contribute $15.6 Million.

We will contribute $37.2 Million.

What will happen to…?

The High School Building? It will be renovated to like-new conditions and will house grades 7-8 in a middle school and 9-12 in the high school.

Reid, Rockway & Possum Schools? The schools will be replaced by a brand-new PK-6 building and will be demolished.