2020-2021 MS/HS Ohio State Testing Plan - 2 hour delay

For this year’s Ohio State Testing we believe focusing on one part per day with smaller testing groups could help our student achievement. The school day will be less disruptive – teachers will be able to see all students on their schedule every day. All teachers will be available to help administer tests and supervise as needed.the day 

 For these reasons we will be operating on  a 2-hour delay schedule using the schedule you can see in the adjacent email. . Students who are not testing will be encouraged to arrive at 9:20.   At 9:30 the whole school follows a 2-hour delay schedule. If a non-test taking student still needs to come in at 7:30 because of transportation needs, they may do so and will be placed in a study hall for 2 hours from 7:30-9:30 (see testing notes and procedures below).  We ask you to prepare for this testing plan beginning on April 13th.  Please pay attention to the grade levels indicated on each of the given test dates.  

  Test Schedule:

Week 1: 

Tuesday, April 13 - Part 1- ELA 7, ELA 8, ELA 10 

Wednesday, April 14 - Part 2- ELA 7, ELA 8, ELA 10 

[Retake day -normal day] Thursday, April 15 - ELA Retake

 Week 2: 

Tuesday, April 20 - Part 1 - Math 7, Math 8, Int. Math 2 

Wednesday, April 21 - Part 2 - Math 7, Math 8, Int. Math 2 

[Retake day -normal day] Thursday, April 22 - ELA and Math Makeup 

  Week 3: 

Tuesday, April 27 - Part 1 - Biology, Science 8, Int. Math 1 

Wednesday, April 28 - Part 2 - Biology, Science 8, Int. Math 1 

Thursday, April 29 - American History, Government (both parts) 

 [5/3-5/7 Retake Week - window closes 5/7]


Daily Testing Schedule on a Test Day (approximate): 

7:30 - only test-takers report to school 

-15-20 min - Prep for test (breakfast, test focus, pep talk, Directions) 

-90 min - Part of State Test 

-10 min - testers transition to rest of school day 

9:30-2:30 - The whole student body begins classes following the  2-hour delay schedule the rest of

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