Carah Brown Brings Stutter Awareness Week to Shawnee Middle School

Carah Brown

Carah Brown, a sophomore at Shawnee High School, is making a difference in her community. October 22nd is widely recognized as “Stutter Awareness Day”. But, to educate Shawnee students, Carah brought “Stutter Awareness Week” to the high school. Carah held small group sessions, displayed encouraging and informative posters around the school, created buttons as reminders of her message, and addressed the entire middle school student body to share her story.

As an individual who deals with speech disfluency, Carah has found the power of her voice and is using it to positively influence her peers. While sharing her story, she outlines the importance of using the resources around you to overcome challenges. She encourages everyone to surround themselves with positive influences and embrace the beauty in our differences.

“We are proud and grateful that Carah Brown has chosen to share her story with us and inspire others to find their value,” said Campus Principal Michelle Heims.

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