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Handle with Care

Clark-Shawnee's Handle with Care is an initiative to support students who have experienced a difficult situation. Without interrupting the student’s daily schedule, Handle with Care alerts the necessary staff to provide extra support for your student’s academic, social, and emotional needs throughout the school day. We understand that you may choose not to share specific details of the situation and we respect your family’s privacy.

If your student is returning to school on a day following a difficult weekend, evening, or morning, please use one of the email addresses below and write the words "Handle with Care" in the subject line. This phrase will let us know that your student may be in need of some extra patience, support, and understanding that day. We will notify the necessary staff on your student’s team to provide extra support as needed. In your email, please include your student’s first and last name and grade level.

Example reasons to send a Handle with Care email include the illness or death of a family member or pet, a rough morning before school, or challenging news like moving to a new home. This is not a crisis line and these email accounts will not be checked over the weekends or during school breaks. You may reach the national mental health and crisis hotline by dialing 988 during these times.

  • Elementary School–Grades PreK-6
  • Middle School–Grades 7-8
  • High School–Grades 9-12

Example Email
Subject: Handle with Care
Email Message: We had a difficult weekend. Jane Doe is in 3rd grade. Please Handle with Care.

Your students are our top priority and our goal is to intentionally provide extra support as your students navigate challenging and difficult situations.