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College Credit Plus (CCP) Information

College Credit Plus (CCP) Information

This announcement is for families who missed the CCP Meeting on January 10, 2024 at the Kuss Auditorium.  Attached to this announcement is the CCP Annual Presentation that outlines the information about the program.  The HS Guidance Office would like both the student and parent/guardian to read the guidelines and then have the student stop in the High School Guidance Office to pick up an intent form that is due by April 1, 2024.  If the intent form is not turned in by April 1, then the student cannot participate in the CCP Program.  (The school counselors will be meeting with the students who were not at the meeting to discuss the CCP guidelines with them one day next week during advisory.)

Once the intent form is turned in, the second step is to apply to the institution that the student plans to attend.  Attached to this announcement are the directions for admissions to Clark State since the classes that are offered at Shawnee are through Clark State.  The classes offered at Shawnee HS begin their sophomore year, so if a student wants to take any courses prior to this, they would have to take them online or in person at any other institution.  One of the steps in the application process is to send the student’s transcript, or academic record.  All of the transcripts are sent through Parchment, an online service portal.  Attached are the directions for how to order the student’s  transcript as well.  Once the student has applied by the respective deadline and sent their transcript, then the student must meet eligibility requirements.  For some schools, it may be a grade point average, while for others, the student may have to take the Accuplacer or ACT.  It is the student’s responsibility to become eligible to take the class.

Once the student is eligible, then he or she can register for classes.  However, he or she needs to meet with his or her counselor prior to registering for classes.  

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here to help.

Sarah Brown
Guidance Secretary
937.717.2402 ext 2410

Melinda Shong
Last Names: A-L
937.717.2402 ext 2413

Amy Hibbs
Students Last Names: M-Z
937.717.2402 ext 2412