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Clark County Commissioners declare June 26, 2024 as School Resource Officer Day

Clark County Commissioners declare June 26, 2024 as School Resource Officer Day

The Board of Clark County Commissioners recognized county School Resource Officers and issued a proclamation declaring Wednesday, June 26, 2024, School Resource Officer Day in Clark County Ohio. The Commissioners welcomed School Resource Officers and school administration to their June 26, 2024 meeting for a special recognition event.

During the meeting, school administrators from across the county shared testimonials highlighting the invaluable contributions of School Resource Officers (SRO) and their steadfast dedication to the districts and community.

The Proclamation reads: 

Whereas, the Board of Clark County Commissioners saw a need in the community for a law enforcement presence at local school districts; and

Whereas, the count partnered with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and other local school districts in 2018 to place deputies into school buildings; and

Whereas, the program has grown to 10 School Resource Officers Working in eight school districts throughout Clark County; and

Whereas, School Resource Officers provide a sense of safety inside county school buildings, while also serving as mentors to students in our community;

Now, therefore, We the Board of Clark County Commissions do hereby proclaim June 26, 2024 as School Resource Officer Day in Clark County, Ohio.

Duly adopted this 26th day of June 2024.

Clark-Shawnee Local School District thanks School Resource Officer, Deputy Josh Pacine, for his positive impact on the district and his service to the Springfield Township community. Superintendent Brian Kuhn shared the following remarks at the event. 

“Since the inception of the School Resource Officer (SRO) initiative in Clark County, the SROs have become an integral part of our school communities. At Clark-Shawnee, SRO Deputy Pacine has become woven into the fabric of our school operations. He has made countless connections with students, staff, and families that ultimately result in a positive impact to student success. SRO Deputy Pacine works to ensure student needs are met and serves as a positive role model to those with which he interacts.

Regarding school safety, SRO Deputy Pacine plays a visible and meaningful role in the daily safety logistics of our school district but also assists with drill planning, the ongoing review and refinement of safety procedures, and providing training to students and staff on topics of school safety. From a school leadership perspective, I do not see how we could ever go without the SRO program and everything these officers do to support our school communities. SRO Deputy Pacine and the other Clark County SROs make a difference everyday in the big and small things they do to serve and protect.”