Superintendent's Message

As the new superintendent of the Clark-Shawnee Schools, I look forward to providing instructional leadership to our outstanding staff and to working together with students, families and the community to ensure our district remains an educational leader in our area.

I have worked for Clark-Shawnee for several years, first as a principal and then as assistant superintendent. I love this district and this community. My wife, Erin, and I  live in the district with our five kids, and our school age children all attend Clark-Shawnee. We moved here because we share the values of the community and its commitment to strong public schools for Clark-Shawnee kids.

As superintendent, I have set three goals for myself. 

First and foremost, I want to increase student achievement for our students. The reason we are all here every day is to help our Braves reach the full potential of their success. I am committed to maintaining our district's legacy of high expectations and outstanding results for each individual that learns in our district.

Second, I want to continue to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, along with our Board of Education and Treasurer Tom Faulkner. We understand that the community supports its public schools financially because it is an investment in our children, our property values, and our shared future. We take our responsibility to manage that investment wisely and will continue to be diligent about fiscal management.

Finally, I want to build strong relationships in our district between myself and the staff, students, families, residents, alumni and other external partners. I plan to do this by listening, being available and present in our schools and community, and through clear and consistent communication.

Becoming the superintendent of Clark-Shawnee schools is a great honor for me and I look forward to working together with you for the future of Clark-Shawnee schools.


Brian C. Kuhn



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